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Three Views of Molecular WorkbenchSenior Scientist and Molecular Workbench Developer Charles Xie, Researcher and Manager Amy Pallant, and Technology and Curriculum Developer Dan Damelin describe the history of Molecular Workbench and our vision for the future.

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Atoms In Your Browser

GoogleMW is already one of the most versatile ways to experience the science of atoms and molecules. Now thanks to Google's generosity and the power of HTML5, we're bringing it to Web browsers everywhere.

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Self-assembly VideoSelf-assembly is one of the ways Mother Nature makes biological complexes that support life. It has inspired scientists to invent nanotechnology for making nanostructures with novel properties. Explore self-assembly using the computational experiments in this comprehensive module.

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Create Your Own Simulations

MW is not just a collection of simulations—do not be deceived by first glance. While it presents many existing simulations that are ready to use in the classroom, it is, however, also a modeling tool for teachers and students to create their own simulations and share them with collaborators. There are very sophisticated modeling capacities hidden behind its simple user interface that empower you to create new simulations and even explore the unknowns. (Because of the experimental and computational nature of this kind of simulations, we prefer to call them computational experiments.)

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Create Your Own Curriculum Modules

A simulation without instructional support is difficult for students to use. An optimal way of using simulations is to embed them into curriculum materials. MW has an authoring system for teachers and curriculum developers to create or customize their own online lessons that use models and simulations. A typical MW module is a comprehensive learning package consisting of a series of scaffolded pages that contain text, simulations, tools, controls, graphs, navigation links, and embedded assessments. The user interfaces of simulations in MW can be customized for students of different levels (grades 6-16). This unique feature enables it to support a wide range of instructional strategies such as inquiry-based, discovery-based, and problem-based learning.

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