The Java Web Start technology that we use to integrate MW with the Web lately has a couple of new problems. Solutions to these problems are discussed below.

About the digital signature verification

The Molecular Workbench software needs access to your hard drive to cache the downloaded files in order to speed up the loading process when you browse simulations within it. For users who are interested in editing an activity or creating their own simulations, access to the hard drive is a must because your work has to be saved on your disk. There is, unfortunately, a problem in launching MW with the latest version of Java. When you launch MW (or any MW simulation) for the first time, you may see a message like this (the screenshot was taken from a Windows XP machine. If you are using Mac OS X, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Linux, you should see a similar message):

Do not be pushed away by this warning message. Click the "Run" button to proceed. You may select "Always trust content from this publisher" to turn off this annoying message next time you launch MW.

For the more techy people: This warning is caused by the fact that the JNLP file for launching MW is not signed. As we have to generate a JNLP launcher for each MW simulation, it is impossible to sign the JNLP files.

On Mac OS X

Java Web Start, in general, has a lot of issues on Mac OS X. If you wish to have MW on your desktop, a workaround is to save MW-Mac.jnlp onto your desktop and use it to launch MW.

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