Next-Generation Molecular Workbench

Visual, Interactive Simulations for Teaching & Learning Science

Molecular Workbench (MW) is powerful, award-winning software that provides visual, interactive computational experiments for teaching and learning science.

Now thanks to Google's generosity and the power of HTML5, we're bringing this versatile way to experience the science of atoms and molecules to Web browsers.

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STEM Interactives

Molecular models are the heart of Next-Generation Molecular Workbench. We've created many models that dynamically illustrate scientific concepts and allow you to interact with molecules or macroscopic phenomena like pendulums (at right) and their environment in various ways.

STEM Activities

Next-Generation Molecular Workbench activities include one or more interactives, plus text, embedded images, video and assessments. There are currently six activities available. We're working on lots more, plus an authoring system that will allow teachers to create their own custom activities.

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Use It… Everywhere

Adding MW interactives to any web page or learning management system is amazingly easy. Simply click an interactive's "Share" link to get the embed code. Learn more in this video.


The Concord Consortium has partnered with these organizations to provide Next-Generation Molecular Workbench interactives for their online educational courses and activities.

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More information is available on our blog where we get into the nitty-gritty of various aspects of developing Next-Generation Molecular Workbench.

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This project is © Copyright 2017 by The Concord Consortium and is distributed under the Simplified BSD, MIT or Apache 2.0 licenses.

Classic MW

Classic MW is alive and well, with hundreds of free models you can use right now. These can be used as-is, but there are also hundreds of classroom-tested learning activities based on MW for all levels of science and engineering. See and

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Molecular Workbench is the product of the Concord Consortium — a nonprofit educational research and development organization based in Concord, Massachusetts, and Emeryville, California. Our pioneering work brings the promise of technology into reality for STEM education.

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