Adsorption of a carbon nanotube on gold surface

This simulation demonstrates a hypothetical scenario of how a carbon nanotube (CNT) can possibly interact with a metal surface when they approach each other. The simulation is based on classical molecular dynamics using classical molecular mechanics force fields. This model was sketched up using the 3D Molecular Constructor of the Molecular Workbench software. You can create as any combination of atoms, molecules and structures as you want, and run molecular dynamics simulations (more examples). For instance, you can put two C60 molecules and observe how they interact, and so on and so forth.

A leaning tower of Pisa in the nano world?

The above animation is just an animated gif file recorded from a simulation with the real model. Click the above button or this link to launch this interactive model.

System requirements: You must have Java Version 5 or higher in order to run this program. Please go to to get the latest Java software, if you are not sure.
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