A double inverted pendulum

A double inverted pendulum

A double inverted pendulum is a vertical inversion of a normal double pendulum. Unlike a normal double pendulum, a double inverted pendulum is inherently unstable. A way to make it remain upright under perturbation is to attach it to an oscillatory base. If the oscillation is strictly vertical, its frequency is high enough, and its amplitude is large enough, the double inverted pendulum can be stablized. A double inverted pendulum is much more complicated than an inverted pendulum. The trajectory of the end mass can be irregular and may not display periodicity or symmetry about the vertical axis, and the system is intrinsically chaotic. The following video shows a double inverted pendulum on an oscillatory base. See also: inverted pendulum.

The above video clip is just an animation made from the real model. Click the above button or this link to launch this interactive activity.

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