Running Molecular Workbench without using Java Web Start

Some of our users have reported that Molecular Workbench cannot be installed or launched through Java Web Start (caused by many factors, including Java bugs, their network settings, to name a few). Molecular Workbench launched through a JNLP launcher also does not provide an option of not updating, which means that any JNLP launcher will automatically download an update of Molecular Workbench, even if the user does not intend to at the moment. While this is not a problem at all for most users that are not subject to a bandwidth bottleneck, it results in long delays for users who are concurrently using Molecular Workbench with many others via the same not-so-fast Internet connection, such as in a school.

The solution to the above problems is to download the Java executable workbench.jar and run it directly. Double-clicking on workbench.jar will launch the Molecular Workbench. When it launches, it will check if there is an update (if you are online), and if there is, prompt a dialog window asking whether or not you would like to update. For the majority of users who do not have time pressure, we strongly recommend that you update every time. For most class-time users, however, you may prefer not to update as frequently as you are asked.

Windows users

  1. Install the latest Java software, if you have not.
  2. Click this link to download workbench.jar. If that link does not bring up a dialog window, click this link to download, and then Unzip A file named workbench.jar will be created.
  3. Double-click on workbench.jar. The Molecualr Workbench software will be launched.
  4. To run Molecular Workbench again, just double-click workbench.jar. You need not repeat the first two steps when you want to run it again.

Mac OS X users

You must have OS 10.2 or higher version and Java 1.4.2 or higher version. If you do not have the required Java version, please update through the Software Update pane of System Preferences, and then CTRL+click this link: workbench.jar and save the file to your disk. After downloading it, simply double-click on it.

Linux users

You need to install the latest Java Runtime Environment first, then download the file given by the following link: Unzip it to a directory, open a X terminal, change to the directory where the unzipped file workbench.jar is located, and type in the following command: java -jar workbench.jar. If the java command is not recognized, please also include the path (e.g. /usr/local/jdk1.5/bin, if Java is installed in the /usr/local/jdk1.5 directory). Double-clicking on the workbench.jar file on some Linux systems may launch Molecular Workbench as well.

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